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 Posted: Tue Oct 15th, 2019 11:09 am
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Steven B

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Hi Tom.  :2t:

Lots work going on in Yellow Creek. 
I am liking number three. 

That space for your engine house looks very nice.  Turntable too? 
Visually it has a nice flow.  I do hope that you do not have to downsize.
Are you going to serve any mines? 

Where the church is, you could add a short tunnel to tie it all together perhaps. 
There was a tunnel under a graveyard in a place called Cloverdale in California. 

I always thought that was very creepy, being it is close to Halloween and all.  :w:

A tunnel with a cribbed timber approach might give it a scenic break and interest. 
Just a thought. 

I like it.

Steven B.
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