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 Posted: Tue Oct 15th, 2019 03:14 pm
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Tom Harbin


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Thank you!

I didn't think about it but if I combine the tunnel idea from V1 with the rest of V3 it should work very well.
The big problem with the tunnel in V1 was making a believable wagon-width switchback that didn't make the freight spur too short.
If I take the tunnel from V1 and plop it on V3 I can have the road come down behind the buildings and fork into Railroad Ave.
Basically just continue the curved hunk of foam down the "mountain" behind the houses,
and connect it near the edge of the old layout to the main street.

The plan was for a small Kitwood Hills turntable
(I was thinking 9 inch but needed to double check that my 4-4-0 would turn okay on it)
but now it will need to be scratch-built.

I may need to travel to Texas for a while and hang out with Woodie to see if scratch-building is contagious.
Yesterday he sees one photo of a harp stand in Pennsylvania and today he has a scratch-built brass replica.

This forum is just chocked full of talent.

Once I get further along I will need to post pictures for Si to critique.
Seems I like to put my points in the worst possible configuration for actually operating a train.


I can't do any detail work right now,
so moving big stuff around on the layout will have to suffice.

Also I need to give some serious consideration of my plans for power.
I was planning to go all BPRC but it looks like I can't do it for much less than $50.00/engine.
I already have a full compliment of DCC engines and power/throttles.
I'm not sure I can cost justify that at this point.

Until I make that decision laying track is also on hold,
although I could always just wire for DCC and not use it if I get BPRC going.


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