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 Posted: Wed Oct 23rd, 2019 09:20 am
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Geoff L wrote:
Subsequently I changed the Baud rate, and got the correct response.
(There is a label covering the back of the Prog4, sealed within shrink wrap).

It seems you have an "old" Prog4 (version 1).

Then you need to change the Baud rate from 9600 to 115.200.
This is a normal thing and for that the two different values are to select...

If you later will get a "new" V2 Prog4, you need to change this back to 9600... 

Geoff L wrote:
However, writing the changes get an OK response, 
the changes are not effected to the Rx.

I am getting 3 flash on Prog4 and Rx, 
so wonder what I have missed.

The only thing I can imagine is, that the binding between the Prog4 and the RX,
has not worked or the RX has "forgotten" the binding to the Prog4.

If the Prog4 responds an "OK" everything went fine on the PC/Software side.

As the Prog4 can't read (opposite to DCC) anything back from the RX,
it only can check it's own work, not what's happen on the RX side.

If anything worked properly on the Prog4,
the only remaining issue area is the communication between Prog4 and RX.

Most common are binding problems,
but it also can be a hardware issue with the adapter cable (not very likely),
or a defect on the Prog4 or Rx side...

This is possible as you also don't get a result if you are using CoolTerm.

So an issue on the software side, is close to impossible, IMHO...

Aside this I never had my hands on any RX 105 myself (I only have RX 6x receivers),
so I can't try to reproduce the issue here. 

But I don't believe it is a software issue at all,
so even if I had one, I don't think it would help in any way.

Thanks for reading, Claus

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