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 Posted: Fri Oct 25th, 2019 04:28 pm
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Hello Geoff.

Are you ever able to change any setting on your RX 105 with your Prog4, no matter if it was with CoolTerm or DT-Programmer?
If yes, the cable and hardware should be ok and the issue most likely is the binding between the Prog4 and the RX 105...

If not, the issue may be on the hardware side (cable, Prog4 itself, PC)...

One thing I like to mention too.
If you've connected the Prog4 to your PC via an USB Hub then please try to connect it directly to one the PC's own USB Ports.
It happens really often that the Prog4 did not work properly if you connect it to an USB-Hub...

Thanks for reading, Claus

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