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 Posted: Fri Oct 25th, 2019 04:38 pm
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Hello Tom.

I think I've found a nice way to incorporate the programming protocol as you suggested.
It even is localized.

The User sets a name (e.g. the Model type or whatever it should be),
and DT-Programmer writes all programming steps into a protocol file with the given name.
If no name is specified a default name "protocol" is used.

In this file all programming steps are logged with date, name and value.
This file will stay "forever" and new programming steps are added at the end.
The selected firmware also is logged.
And the user can select, if he wants the protocol or not.
And he can also start a new protocol file by entering a new name.

I was busy developing this and now I have it build in for V611 firmware.
The other firmware versions I still need to add.

But I can send you a test-build with only V611 protocol working,
so you can see if it is as you wanted it...

Everything else is working as before, so it should be no big issue to test it...

Thanks for reading, Claus

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