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 Posted: Sun Oct 27th, 2019 03:20 pm
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Rick Dow

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My last two DelTang conversions have been failures.

Tonight's failure is as follows:

I finished up the conversion and plugged in the 2 cell Li-Po Battery.
The LED on the DelTang RX61-2 receiver immediately began blinking. 

Since I had the Transmitter nearby,
I grabbed it and waited until the receiver began blinking rapidly.

When it did, I depressed the BIND push button on the transmitter (DT Tx21).
After a few moments I pressed the power button on the transmitter.
The LED on the receiver stopped flashing and stayed on steadily. 
All Good ... or so I thought.

When I opened the throttle, nothing happened.
There appears to be no connection between the transmitter and the locomotive.
I have checked all the wiring connections. 

So, I turned off the transmitter. 

Then I picked up my DelTang pencil shaped magnet,
to turn off what passes for a reed switch on the Rx61-2,
and it would not turn off like in my other installations. 

I had to unplug the battery from the receiver, to get the thing turned off.

For what its worth, this installation was on an Alco diesel by Atlas,
that I was hooking up for the grandchildren.
I definitely had removed all of the track pick-up wiring.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?    



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