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 Posted: Mon Oct 28th, 2019 07:50 am
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Some years ago I started to build a mine, loosely patterned after the decaying Kennecott Mine in Alaska.
Our club layout is a multi level affair, with a long single track line going over three main (sceniced) levels,
a intermediate level, an upper staging that also douples as a return loop, and a hidden staging yard,
by means of two helixes, and long gentle grades.

This all in a small room,
so any landscaping  and building construction is severely restricted.

One of the features of the layout are many small stations and sidings.
One of those initially planned was a small mine - actually only two tracks on the edge of the upper level,
with a small building over those tracks, that symbolized the end of a conveyor.

On the entrance to the staging yard, way down, we later built a stamp mill,
that receives loaded trains from the mine for processing.

I always had a soft spot for decrepit mine buildings, and had a Pola/AHM mine on my layout as a teenager.
My own layout still is far from scenery, and I am not sure if there will ever be space for a mine.
So had the idea to build a BIG mine building complex over the area where the little conveyor shack was located,
and up over the mainline and the upper staging yard.

We constructed a support structure over part of the yard,
and a solid wooden base in several steps, which fits into the back of my Mercedes sedan.
So I can lift out the base and take it home to work on it in the garage. 

For now, a few pictures.

The whole affair stood idle for a year, now I started to build buildings again,
this weekend a coal bunker, next project will be a boiler house.

Purchased a Blair Line Cash Mine kit and butchered it for parts.

As the mine will be seen only from three sides,
I have used the rear wall for the lower level structure.  

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