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 Posted: Mon Oct 28th, 2019 05:01 pm
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Ken, its maybe 70% ? finished by now... at least the main structure.

Will post more pics of my progress in 2017 in the next days. 

Reason I started this thread NOW is to keep me motivated to continue, 
have so many ideas, but it was sidelined as job, family, other projects, ate away my time!

Here the support for a second large building is in place, also the head frame behind the main structure.
It's (not yet) very detailed, as its barely visible, as the mine towers high over the layout.


The lower part for loading hoppers with the good stuff,
if I ever decide what is mined in the Forlorn Mountains.

The support frame is a separate part,
several structures are removable for transportation.

The new building in place...

Completely built from wood sheeting, Grandt windows,
and 400 grit sanding paper for the roof. 

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