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 Posted: Tue Oct 29th, 2019 12:03 pm
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Now the protocol is completely included.

You can set a name to use for the protocol in the top right area above the “connect” button.
This can be whatever you like, but it would be best to choose a meaningful name,
e.g. the name and type of the model and the RX.
If you don’t set a name, the protocol will be named “protocol.txt”.

A protocol file will be generated on first programming step in a sub- directory of the installation folder named “RX”. 
The protocol files are plain text files and can be viewed with Notepad or any other text viewer/editor.

You also can opt to not generate a protocol at all,
e.g. if you are programming other peoples RX or similar.

Once a protocol file is generated, all future changes will be written at the end of the existing file,
if you choose the same file name as before.
In a later version, DT-Programmer will include a protocol manager to view and delete protocol files.
But this will take it’s time to complete.
Up to then you can manage the protocols easily with Explorer or similar tools.

Here is the direct link to the download of the new version:


Thanks for reading, Claus

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