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 Posted: Fri Nov 1st, 2019 05:04 pm
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Reg H

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Returning from the HO/OO page...

I have abandoned the laser kit engine house.  It is just too small. 
The parts have been carefully stored away for future use. 
I may convert it into something else, like a car repair shed, sometime in the future.

In it's place I have opted for the Cornerstone brick two-stall engine house. 
I simply did not want to go after an expensive and complex kit again. 
I am very anxious to get this logging operation completed. 

So far I have given the brick work a wash with my ink/alcohol mix,
painted the window frames white in accordance with HBTCo practice,
and painted all the parts cast in gray plastic grimy black,
after some airbrush adventures detailed elsewhere. 
Oh.  I also painted the doors tuscan red.

The ink/alcohol wash is very subtle, but the diluted ink gathers in the mortar lines,
creating a shadow effect that helps accentuate the brick work. 
The brick work will get a shot of Dull Coat to kill whatever shine is left. 

I am rethinking the window frames.  I may repaint them tuscan red. 
The white just seems to scream "look at me!!".  
Not exactly the effect for which I am looking.  

I want it to obviously be there,
but I don't want it to detract from the logging operation center of attention, the mill. 


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