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 Posted: Fri Nov 1st, 2019 07:13 pm
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Peter Smith


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Happily the guy who put me on to this, came back quickly with info and pics.

Managed to hook it all up and after an ok bench test swapped it into a Saltford Ruston.
Even managed to reprogramme the Rx to latch.

Also found that if you go straight into reverse it changes the output polarity,
not really a problem in a loco but could be if powering a garage door!

Also if battery voltage starts to drop it can become stuttery.

Inadvertently I also found I had inching before latching,
but can't replicate that now, maybe just as well.

Range test was fine at 40ft.
Tx takes a CR2032 cell.

Yes, limitations, but ideal for test, and my grandsons should be able to use it ok,
even the 2 1/2 year old one can use a Deltang Tx22!

I'm finding this RC lark quite good fun.

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