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 Posted: Sun Nov 3rd, 2019 08:42 pm
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After considerable delay there is again some progress on the Schlegel interurbans.

Have decided to keep the combine in the yellow paint as I bought it,
but with an off white window band, and paint the coach (parlor?) accordingly.

Mulled for weeks what to do with the upper sash, as the body had no openings there.
Finally decided to adapt an old art glass design by Eric Bronsky that he sold twenty years ago.

Had misplaced the originals, only a poor scan left so had to draw it new with Photoshop.
Then printed it on plain white paper, cut the individual parts to shape,
and glued them in place with white glue.

Here is my original artwork - if anybody has some use for it, feel free to copy the drawings.
With a little stretching or downsizing, they maybe suitable for any arch window passenger car.

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