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 Posted: Thu Nov 7th, 2019 04:26 pm
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Reg H

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Here is the Cornerstone engine house essentially complete. 
I need to touch up the paint and cut a base.

A little paint did wonders for the basic kit. 
The green trim looked positively revolting,
and the gray in which the roof was cast just did not look right. 

Once I got my airbrush techniques for the acrylic paint in order,
I was really pleased with the results. 
The paint goes on very evenly and lays down nicely.

While this structure doesn't have quite the character a more complex kit might have,
I am confident it will work well on the layout. 
The roof (slate is more an "east of the Mississippi" practice.  But who will notice?) is removable.  
Once it has been on the layout for awhile and collected some dust (I live in a mill town),
I will give it a shot of DullCoat.  Lazy man's weathering.  

I may do some more weathering, but it will be very light.  

From various sources I have acquired an impressive collection,
of barrels, crates, and other oddments & impedimentia.  
It will be fun spreading all this around the logging operation. 
What is a logging operation without industrial detritus.


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