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 Posted: Fri Nov 8th, 2019 07:03 pm
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Sorry to hear of  your eye problems.
Take care of them, they are not easily replaceable!

I have been 'playing' with a couple of the S-Cab BPS for a while.
Nice units but, as you write, somewhat large,
and unnecessarily high current rating for OO, but OK for 0 Gauge.

The basic principle is simple:

- Bridge rectifier connected to track pickups, followed by
- 5V regulator to give a stable supply for the
- Li-Po charger for permanently connected 1S Li-Po cell connected to
- 9V or 12V booster via FET switch plus
- Microprocessor to keep track of everything

It seems like the right way to go,
one less "hand of god" intervention during an operating session.

I now have enough locos to make checking and charging a PITA.

My idea of nirvana is a R/C enabled BPS,
that can let me know when a loco needs charging,
even when it is packed away in its box.

-- Andy

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