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 Posted: Thu Nov 14th, 2019 07:25 pm
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Here is the description from the Micron site. 
I use the built-in e-switch all the time on these receivers, and it works well.     

Rx62 is a 5 channel (1 x ESC, 4 x P) DSM2/DSMX compatible micro receiver,
with a built-in reed e-switch. .A suitable magnet is available separately.

The reed switch, or other external switch,
connected across the switch pads on the receiver board,
can be used to switch the receiver on and off.

A brief activation, e.g. by swiping a magnet across the reed switch,
will turn the receiver on.

Switching off can be achieved using the reed switch or the transmitter bind button:
  • Activate switch for >2 seconds, receiver switches off 2 seconds after magnet is removed.
  • Or hold down the transmitter bind button (ch 5) for >5 seconds.
Hope this helps.



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