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 Posted: Thu Nov 21st, 2019 04:39 pm
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Reg H

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Well, my box from Walthers arrived yesterday.
I dived down the basement as soon as I got home from work,
with the intention of getting some track laid at the mill site.

Except that I messed up. 
I was very careful in reviewing my centerlines to determine the turnouts I needed. 
At that time it looked like I needed three left hand turnouts.

I needed two left hand and one right hand. 

This trackwork is so tight that three of the five turnouts will need to be built up as a single unit. 
That unit will need the right hand turnout.  So I am stuck again.  
I will be able to use the left over left hand turnout at the woods end of the operation. 

I am improving the time by assembling a couple of the kits I acquired from Alan Sewell.
This kit is a simple laser kit that produces two skid shacks. 
I am going to use one of the skid shacks as the logging company's railroad operations office. 
I am sure I will find some use for the second shack.

I spent a pleasant evening last evening (after kicking myself for mis-counting turnouts)
airbrushing the shack parts. 
Thanks to my recent education in the use of acrylic paints, all went well.  

I improved the evening further by running a train. 
I don't have all my operational facilities completely in place. 
So I have a string of cars parked at the west end. 
I pull the caboose of the end of those cars, tack it on the other end,
run the train to the east end of the layout, and repeat the process.
It makes for a pleasant 35 to 40 minutes of operation. 

I am deeply grateful for the tip about coating rail tops with a very light layer of graphite.
The two previous On30 layouts in this basement were plagued by track cleaning problems. 
I have cleaned the track on this layout precisely once in the 2 years of operation.
After I clean rail tops following painting the track,
I run a very hard piece of artist's graphite along the rail tops. 
So far I have not needed to clean track, or wheels, since.


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