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 Posted: Sun Nov 24th, 2019 06:12 pm
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Nice Guy Eddie

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I have looked at specifically what you seem to be doing wrong

Your photos have been uploaded to your Members Gallery just fine

To copy them to your Main Reply Window

You should click on the Members Gallery photo thumbnail to enlarge it

You should then use your computer mouses COPY and PASTE procedure

You simply click COPY over the enlarged Members Gallery photo

Then simply click PASTE where you want the photo in your Main Reply Window

You seem to be creating an actual link and then trying to PASTE that in as an image

No link is required and one should not be seen in your final post

You quite simply COPY a photo and then PASTE that photo

This method can also COPY and PASTE any photo from anywhere on Freerails Forum

Give it a go I am sure you will manage it OK



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