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 Posted: Mon Dec 2nd, 2019 03:29 pm
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Tom Harbin


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Rick and Dave,

S-Cab is a little different from Deltang-type RC. Deltang is more like model aviation and vehicle RC where the RC is also the "decoder".

S-Cab is more like DCC. It uses a DCC decoder to handle many functions (like loco address) so it is more like DCC than Deltang. The BPS is the battery circuit that provides power and charging for the battery. It is connected to a receiver that converts the RC to standard DCC and sends the DCC to a decoder. According to the S-Cab web site, one transmitter can control 15 locos. Since it is really wireless DCC, the locos work just like on a DCC layout. It is a similar concept to the older TAM Valley RC setup except it doesn't require a DCC command station.

Of all of the RC setups I have investigated, I think S-Cab has the most features and is a complete solution. My only negatives are the cost and I would rather see the receiver either include the DCC decoder functions or have the receiver work with any (or at least most) DCC decoders.


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