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 Posted: Mon Dec 2nd, 2019 05:17 pm
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John Boshier

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slateworks wrote: 
Tom, I sympathise totally with you.

I'm not normally a negative person but I've tried to learn CAD,
even had a stab at Tinkercad which I was told was simple,
and failed miserably at that.

I doubt if you've ever done any programming Doug,
but OpenSCAD uses a programming language to do the drawing,
rather than dragging a mouse around the screen.

Although you need to learn the language,
it's more like giving the computer a written instruction,
like "Starting at this point, draw a rectangle (or cylinder etc.) this size".

Most model railway items can be drawn,
using what OpenSCAD calls Cubes, Cylinders and Spheres.

Of course it's still not easy, as you're trying to do something complicated,
but it's a different approach that may work for some people.

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