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 Posted: Tue Dec 3rd, 2019 02:38 pm
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No, you're not missing anything. There won't be any standard gauge on the layout. The YCW is a small middle-of-nowhere railroad. My problem is not so much how to match them up physically but rather philosophically. Why would they crib up the tracks?

My original idea was that the freight station was built on the edge of a wash so the tracks were on a short trestle. Well, actually, I didn't have an original idea. I just built the freight station straight out of the box while recuperating from an operation. Other than a small Banta crossing shanty built as a test, it was my first structure build. Once I laid the permanent track (the EZ-Track is elevated enough that the mismatch is small) I realized that the platform was at O-Scale height not On30 height. To make it worse I am downsizing to Chiver's Finelines size cars so small even for On30.

My current thinking is that the station is on hard rock and they just cut a trestle under the station to match the contours of the hard rock rather than blast. If I sculptamold the base and make it a little more uneven that might work. The tracks are just on slightly higher rock.

If I was modeling somewhere like Morenci it would be no problem as they had to fit a whole city, mining operations and a train on a postage stamp of hard rock. Anything would be plausible there. I'm modeling someplace more like a John Wayne or Randolph Scott western town. Lots of dirt and at least a little space to grow.
I have a scene in my mind but the mismatch of the platform and the tracks keep making it seem like a caricature instead of "authentic". Probably the best solution would be to chop the trestle off and make a solid wood or rock foundation but that's not much of a challenge.


One of the things I find most valuable on Freerails is the wealth of knowledge and the exchange of ideas. I figure there probably is some reason they would build a very slightly elevated track (or slightly depressed station) but I can't come up with one. Or maybe someone sees a potential for modification I don't see. I'm totally open, even if it means ditching the freight station altogether. It does have a few challenges since I didn't have a clue what I was doing when I built it.

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