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 Posted: Wed Dec 4th, 2019 03:57 am
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Tom Harbin


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Michael M wrote:

It looks like the track behind the freight house is elevated.  Could you elevate the track to the freight house slightly to bring the car floor even with the freight platform?  The small grey platform in front could also be raised up to get it to floor level.

You could carve away some of the foam and lower the freight house with the reasoning that there's a small creek nearby that occasionally overflows it's banks.

I completely rebuilt the San Miguel yard on my layout with the reasoning that the old yard was prone to flooding from severe thunderstorms and management was tired of having to clean up the mess each time.

It's your railroad so whatever seems right to you is right.


We just may have a winner here. Washouts have always been a problem in southern Arizona. With the caliche-ridden ground here even a dry wash floods easily during a storm. I can have a dry wash with some tell tale signs of past flooding and it would explain elevating both the track and station, maybe even make it look like it was raised after a washout.

It just may work. Thanks.


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