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 Posted: Wed Dec 11th, 2019 06:53 pm
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An incredible amount of work in the past few months of Admin.

So I am still a bit behind on the forum stats. as usual

In trying to look back a page to see July last year

I realized that I had jumped straight from June 2018 to August 2018

So I tagged on a few extra years here back to 2013 as well

Stats. wise July is probably one of the most random months of the year

Holidays and yard work etc. dont produce the peak numbers as winter does

But still good numbers as I guess a few Freerails fans dont play Golf

A 50% rise in just 2 years is a much better result than my last Vegas trip

Of course none of that applies to our Aussie friends down under

As they get their 6' of snow in the summer

And Santa Claus wears shorts and shades and delivers on a quad bike

I think he has one of those hats with the corks on strings as well

In red and white of course

Total page views for July over the last few years

337,928   July   2013

363,728   July   2014

395,213   July   2015

528,452   July   2016

504,673   July   2017

548,298   July   2018

744,825   July   2019



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