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 Posted: Sun Dec 15th, 2019 06:41 pm
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Peter Smith


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Problem (probably me!) with Deltang Rx61-22 and Tx22.

I have a problem in that the Rx61 seems permanently bound to the Tx!

I've followed the paperclip info on the Deltang site,
from cycling through the no-select/select/select with Tx-change cycle to no effect, using P1 and P3.
Then a 'hard reset' using P1 and P2.
No difference.

It all started when I tried to rebind to a different channel.
All it did was add that channel.
Then again and again, until I have only channel 5 not controlling the Rx.

The reason for changing was that I wanted to swop this Rx61 for an Rx63,
to see if I could have a buzzer.

This was suggested to me in response to an earlier post, 
but I found the speed take up too quick to overcome the inertia of the Mashima 1020 motor,
powered via a boost board.

So I wonder if the Rx is faulty ?
But I feel it might really be me.

Any ideas appreciated - thanks.

Peter Smith

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