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 Posted: Sun Dec 15th, 2019 09:34 pm
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Peter Smith


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Thanks Frank.

I'll give the 'hard reset' paperclip thing another go.

Sadly I only have access to a Tx20 which I got when I started out,
and copied your scheme for a Narrow Planet 009 Baguley-Drewry, over on another forum.

Since then I've acquired the Tx22 and moved up into 16mm battery locos,
with Rx63-22's as my preferred receiver.

I saw a reply from you to my 'wrong-place' post but can't see it now.
So thanks for that, saying that I can use the P1 pad on an Rx63,
with the bind button as a switch (hope I've got that right).

The buzzers I've got are <25mA so maybe they're a tad high?

Your advice and guidance is always appreciated.

Peter Smith

Edit: Actually it's not a Tx20 but a Tx21.

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