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 Posted: Fri Jan 10th, 2020 08:54 pm
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The photos in your 'Gallery' can be COPIED & PASTED into the 'Main Reply Window'.

Click on the Thumbnail of the photo you want to Post, on one of your 'Freerails Members Gallery' Pages ...

... It is then ENLARGED ...

... Then 'Right Click' on the ENLARGED photo & select 'COPY IMAGE' ...

... Then in your open 'Main Reply Window' in another Browser-Tab ...

... Place the cursor where you want your photo to appear & 'Right Click' then select 'PASTE'.

The photo will appear where you've placed your cursor.

Doing this in some spare space between text is a good idea, for appearances sake.

Spare blank line space can be created simply by hitting 'Line Return' a few times.

Likewise 'excess spare blank lines' can be removed by placing your cursor & hitting 'Backspace'.

Clicking on a wrongly placed or unwanted photo in your 'Main Reply Window' will highlight it ...

... Then hitting 'Backspace' will remove it from your 'Main Reply Window'.

Simply repeat the actions described to place more photos in the 'Main Reply Window'

All these moves are just like a Word Processor, or many other simple COPY / PASTE computer actions.

Just experiment with the 'Main Reply Window' & you'll get the hang of it very quickly by experience.

One last fairly important thing is this

Creating 10-Post Pages loaded chock-a-block with photos causes longer loading times

This is annoying for Freerails users viewing with slow internet connections or cellphones

It really is not a good idea to have around more than 20 photos per Page for this reason

There is nothing wrong with Posting just 1 photo in 1 Post and describing it well

Quality and not quantity are worth considering when Posting multiple photos

As for what is invisible to non-Members it is only 'Attachments' that they cannot see



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