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 Posted: Thu Jan 16th, 2020 06:56 pm
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Some time ago I tackled a project,
that I had in the back of my brains for a very long time.

The idea was, to build an elegant box motor,
along the lines of the other Sacramento Northern / Northern Electric cars,
coaches, combines and one observation, 'Moraga'.

Those Niles cars had classy five window ends,
and graceful arched windows and doors.

One combine - #125, the 'Berry Car',
was almost a box motor, with only few seats.

I used some parts of a destroyed Suydam car,
and formed a silicone mold from a complete Berry Car.

Then I cast four partial resin sides - the baggage half only. 

Long ago, the Bachmann twin motor 44-ton switchers,
were popular for motorizing trolleys...

However, they had the split gear issue,
and were replaced by a more conventional drive,
with one center mounted motor. 

Got several of those updated locos,
however I choose the 70-ton version,
as I think they have larger wheels.

Cut the frame off center and stretched it,
with two heavy rectangular brass profiles,
also lenghtened the drive shaft. 

Bachmann decoder was kept in place...  I can live with it.

Only modification,
I connected both front + rear light leads, so I have one light up front,
that I may switch on and off according to my discretion.

Did I mention I HATE directional headlights? 


And now, the finished thing.

Lettered 'Sacramento Valley Electric #124'

(to my knowledge, the real SN never had a car with number #124)

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