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 Posted: Sat Jan 25th, 2020 12:03 am
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The degree of a curve is the degree of curvature and sets the curve radius.

So whatever the offset is, it will not affect the curve's radius.

The link given in post #2 gives the wrong formula for degree determination in railroad practice,
as the chord length of 100' is defined as 1 station, and not the arc. 

In the following I refer to the terminology outlined here.
The deflection angle I of a curve is affected by the offset x,
as I is the angular distance between PC and PI.

So the thing one can ask for is:

1. "What degree of curvature do I get when I set an offset x and a deflection angle of 15°?"

2. "What deflection angle I do I get when I set an offset x and a curvature of 15°?"

The answer to 1.
Is straightforward as the degree of curvature is 15°

The answer to 2.
Can be derived from the formulas given in the link,
and renders sin(I/2)=SQRT(x/2R), where R is taken from the curvature table.

Regards, H.
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