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 Posted: Sat Jan 25th, 2020 10:28 pm
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Hi Claus  :wave:

Congratulations on your 'DT-Programmer Software'.

I am sure that it is a great resource for DelTang R.C. users.

However there is a problem.

The photos, which are an essential aspect of describing this, are not appearing here.

If I don't see photos in this Thread, then many others will not see them either.

We have had endless problems on the Site, with missing images from 3rd party photo hosts.

This problem, which is obviously nothing to do with Freerails, makes these Threads useless.

We constantly, to the point of tedium, appeal to Members to upload their photos to Freerails.

It is then absolutely certain, that everyone trying to look at Threads on the Site, can see images.

PhotoBucket recently making huge amounts of content on the Site useless is a serious problem.

Despite Members being well aware of this fact, photos are still being Posted from 3rd party hosts.

In the wake of the PhotoBucket fiasco, some Sites are refusing to except Posts with 3rd party content.

We are currently trying to deal with this & other 3rd party hosting problems on the Site.

This is simply to ensure that both now & in the future, users can actually see a complete Posting.

We would like content seen on Freerails to be 100% reliable, which with 3rd party hosts it isn't.

The missing photos in this Thread really need to be uploaded & Posted from the FREE Members 'Gallery'.

This ensures the Thread is 100% reliable & all images are there for users to see.




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