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 Posted: Sat Feb 15th, 2020 01:22 pm
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" Working on a template for checker-plate for my R111 cars,

only need enough for 8 cars,

then onto a couple of TRI-ANG tank car conversions "

Hi    Ken  :wave:

I see on your No.8 Hopper Car R111, you've mounted knuckles.  :thumb:

Also changed the trucks, by the looks of things.  L:

Those darn truck mounting RIVETS, are a killer to remove without damage !  :f:

This ^^ 'Tri-ang' R111 Hopper Car, is from a bunch I got on eBay, inc. some Covered Hoppers.  :dt:

They were all a bit beaten up, to say the least, & painted a kinda 'British Rail' (ish) livery.  :shocked:

Not bad though, for Dr. Frankenstein to practice producing some MONSTER ore-cars from !  ;)

I'm looking forward to seeing your R111 progress Ken ...  :thumb:

... & of course any 'Tri-ang' Tank Car conversions, sound GREAT to me !  :cool:

Go on Ken ... Time to start a new 'Tri-ang' Hopper Car & Tank Car BASHing Thread !!  :time:




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