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 Posted: Mon Mar 2nd, 2020 12:18 am
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Steve P

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Thinking out loud here ...

Continuity thru a circuit might "look good" resistance wise,
for which the meter passes very little current, for continuity reading,
but fail completely when higher current runs thru it, to power the motor.

I strongly suggest connecting test wires directly from the controller,
to the connection point of the decoder.

I'm out of my element with DCC, I use DCS.

I think that the controller uses different outputs,
for the programming track, versus the regular track?

Can you command the motor to "run" from the programming track?
Try experiments with the test wires directly between decoder,
and each output of controller, looking for differences.

Look at the decoder outputs to the motor with a meter,
to see what voltage levels occur for commands of each direction.

Aren't there pickups on both trucks? 
Are the circuits from BOTH trucks to the decoder open?


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