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 Posted: Mon Mar 2nd, 2020 08:28 pm
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Hi Reg  :!:

I have seen tons of 'broken inside insulation' ...

... single copper solid-core wires over the years.  :f:

Also some multi-stranded non-conductors as well.

Also 'pro-audio' mic-cables, snapped 1/2 way along inside the cable. 

All these faults were invisible, under the insulation of course.  :us:

One has to be careful these days not to get mugged by ALUMINIUM WIRE ! as well ...  :shocked:

... single solid-core, pulled out of ever handy CAT-5 cables, is often copper-plated aluminium !

It will SNAP inside, pretty much as soon as you bend it sharply, only a couple o' times.  :f:

I like silver-plated copper multi-stranded insulated in P.T.F.E. Teflon(TM) for my audio stuff.  :cool:

For model trains & slot-cars, I like multistranded SILICONE insulated electrical wire.  :thumb:

The P.T.F.E. is tricky to strip the insulation, due to the slipperyness of the Teflon(TM) ...

... but with both P.T.F.E. & SILICONE, the insulation doesn't 'melt-back' when soldering.  :bg:

I damn well HATE regular meltable P.V.C. conductor insulation !  :td:

Cost wise, you wouldn't notice 'much' difference in price, for a yard or two.  L:

They are both available on eBay for a $ Buck or two, for a few yards of cable.

:java: :brill: :dt:



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