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 Posted: Fri Mar 27th, 2020 03:44 pm
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Michael M wrote:
Before I blow myself up...

It's probably here somewhere, but I can't find it.

In very simple words how can I wire two single cell 3.7 volt Li-Po batteries in series to get 7.4 volts?

Due to space constraints I can't use a 7.4 volt Li-Po.

Not sure I understand....

If you have room for two single cell batteries, why not room for a two cell battery?

I mostly use two cell batteries. 
I make up my own, as the two cell packs at hobby store never seem to be what I need.

You can almost always find Li-Pos that fit your space availability. 

In many applications I mount the two cells seperately,
and wire them together to fit in available space. 

I personally do not wire for balance charging, because of the size of connectors. 

I do use battery protection circuits though,
as they afford protection against an individual cell being discharged to low. 

In the many years I have been using Li-Pos I have not had any problems. 

Picture shows a two cell battery with protection circuit I soldered up. 
For size reference the cells are 402035's  which is 4mm thick, 20 x 35mm each
(about 1/8" thick, 3/4"x 1 1/4")

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