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 Posted: Sun Apr 12th, 2020 03:50 am
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Nice Guy Eddie

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Hi Sean

Sell your great videos to the folk out there & let THEM choose

They are the hottest ticket in model railroading movies for years !

Who could resist NOT clicking with a sales pitch like that ?

It gives folk a choice as to how they wish to use their valuable data

With a tight data allowance an accidental click on a page full of video

And the bummer is you are run clean outta data on one Page !



In the  'Main Reply Window'

There is a  'BUTTON'  which is a  'World Globe with Chain Link' :-

Top row of icons  &  3rd from the right <<<

That  'BUTTON'  once  'Clicked'  allows you to  'PASTE'  in your YouTube link

Then  'Click'  on OK

The next  'Text Field'  then allows you to neatly  'NAME'  that link with a  'Nice Tittle'

It makes a messy looking link look  'attractive & organized'

Try it out  ( more clicks ! )

Everybody should use it but generally don't bother to

" We Got Places All Over The Place "

Close Window