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 Posted: Tue Jun 9th, 2020 11:02 pm
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Reg H

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Progress on the railroad has been slow. 
There have been some family obligations,
and I must admit to spending some time in the machine shop.  

I have been lurking on the site and doing my moderator duties.
I just haven't posted much.

The news here is that the hotel is 90% finished with only 90% to go.  
I finally have some suitable shingles.  Those need to go on and will be time consuming. 

I want to do a couple of signs. One for the hotel itself (Railroad Hotel),
and one advertising the diner housed in one end of the hotel, as the story goes. 

Those will take some time to get right.
But it will be a nice addition to the layout. 

After that I think I will work on the town without a name. 
I have yet to come up with a good name for the east end of the line. 

Or ... I might tackle the woods end of the logging operation. 

Or ... get some scenery in the area between LeBam and Pe Ell roughed in.  

Or ... go sit at the beach.

Anyway, I will do something, even if it's wrong.


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