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 Posted: Mon Jun 15th, 2020 02:02 pm
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Tom Harbin


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You must be great on those "Find x differences" puzzles!

You caught every intended, visible, difference. I didn't feel like scrounging up the right mix of tool clutter for next to the structure and I don't even know what was on the table with the lamp back then, some Christmas decoration or other that is in summer storage.  The other non-visual difference was the six months it sat on the mounted-hunk-of-foam platform in the "train room" between the two shots.

I was moving the structures from the layout board to the living room so that we could do some work on the train room without damaging them. It just so happened that I had the same work table at about the same spot in the room while we were bringing the structures to the living room and remembered Si's post. It made me giggle realizing that the only difference in all of that time was the addition of the barrel so I set up the shot with just enough differences that someone might take a double-take.

I've been following your thread and am eagerly awaiting your painting write-up.
Great work on the Banta "depot".

I reckon your productivity is around 30 times mine but whose counting?
I did spend a frenzied 15 minutes or so on the dress shop,
after I did the meat market shot.


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