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 Posted: Wed Jun 24th, 2020 02:33 am
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Jim - regarding your question about the Black Hawk depot.
I checked what images I have seen, and did not find any in the period you were looking for.
Maybe someone else has some images to post?


A time machine? No, but I wish I had one.
I always wondered how a lot of the rolling stock and buildings looked 120 years ago.
We'll probably never know for certain,
but Ken pointed me to some fun online AI software that colorizes B&W images. 

Playing around with the site, I tried several images,
some looked more interesting than others.
Many others stayed looking B&W,
so I guess the AI software couldn't make up its mind, either.

Are these colors representative of what things looked like?
I don't know, with the exception of trees, grass, and mountainsides.
 I did notice is the a splotch of color brings many scenes to life,
and gave me a new appreciation for many of the photos I had always admired,
but only in Black & White.

Since we are now officially into summer (at least we folks in the northern hemisphere),
I think it's time to kick back a little and enjoy some "might of been" imagining about the Gilpin Tram.

Keep in mind that the structure and rolling stock colors are only guesses,
and not based on much more than that.
Set the analytical and scientific parts of your mind aside for a while,
and just admire the next little group of photos.

Colorizing software could not guess at the colors of these cars,
maybe looked like this, maybe there were more reddish.
However, I always liked this photo of C&S cars in Black Hawk.

This image and all others posted here, were previously posted in the Gilpin Tram Threads 1 and 2,
and are nothing new, other than the whimsical colorization of historic images

We've seen this image of the dual gauge yard area in Black Hawk,
where the Gilpin Tram interchanged with the C&S.
The color makes this scene come alive

This is a familiar photo, of a family and their dog enjoying the day next to Clear Creek,
next to the yard area in front of the Gilpin Tram Black Hawk yards and enginehouse

Hard working Shay #2 is pulling empties on their way back to the mines,
in front of the Hidden Treasure Mill in Black Hawk.

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