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 Posted: Wed Jun 24th, 2020 02:42 am
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Here, Shay #1 is taking a work train, with maybe bridge timbers up the line.
It is paused in front of the Meade Mill in Black Hawk.

We don't know if these colors are anywhere close,
to how the locomotive, flatcars, and mill actually looked,
but it does seem plausible.

How would you model this scene?

Even an old reproduction from an old periodical can look pleasing when colorized.
The Gold Collar Mine had a spur down on the mainline, in Prosser Gulch.
The colorization software made the mine siding a light color - this is interesting,
because unlike the common mineral brown or black colors seen on other mines,
there is at least one surviving wall of this mine showing a yellow color!

Parts of the Kansas Mine and Mill in Nevadaville seemed to have survived into at least the 1950s.
This is a lot earlier, back when the Phoenix-Burroughs branch reached the mine and had a coal unloading spur

At the end of the Saratoga Branch, were the 3 shaft houses of the Saratoga Mine.
This was a regular shipper on the Gilpin Tram throughout the life of the railway

The splendid California Mine on the Quartz Hill Branch was a big producer,
until the mine burned and flooded.

I always have liked this scene and would love to model it

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