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 Posted: Wed Jun 24th, 2020 02:53 am
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As you view these photos, remember that this is "all made up."
What you are viewing here is what an online computer AI program guessed the colors were,
this is only a guess, but an interesting study of how things may have looked.

I find that viewing some of these images gets my imagination going,
looking at the photo with my modeler's hat on,
speculating on how things might have been.

How about colors of the cars?
I read a post today on the C&S blog,
where they were talking about C&S and D&RG freight car colors in the 1920s.
Pat Student, a very knowledgable D&RG modeler, weighed in,
and said the earlier color may have been an almost dark chocolate brown.
The later mineral browns were a lot redder. 

I don't think this settles anything about the color of the Gilpin Tram roster colors,
other than giving me license to have some variety in colors that I use.

This is a classic photo of Shay #3 switching the New York Mill, before it was expanded.
I let the AI software choose the colors, but it did a decent job of coloring the rocky hillside behind the mill,
and the yellowish gray stone color commonly used on building walls in this area.
The red wagon color is a nice accent to the scene, something I should model for my layout

Next are a couple of views of the Chamberlain Sampling Works,
and Randolph Mill area in Black Hawk

Even in the stark, cold days of winter,
a little bit of color goes a long way in making this scene come to life.

Couldn't you see something like being modeled on your layout?

I really think someone should model this derelict structure in Mountain City.
Model it in 1:48 or 1:35, bring it to the next National Narrow Gauge Convention,
and you can walk away with First Place in Structures or Dioramas!

Well, that was fun for me to view and post.
I hope you all enjoyed the fantastical colorized images, too.

'til next time,


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