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 Posted: Thu Jun 25th, 2020 02:01 am
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Steven B

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Looks really nice Tom. 

Great color too.  I like the "not" white, it is classy. 

Good luck with the windows. 
I worked on mine tonight.  Done...  I always seem to scratch them. 

No vodka?!  I guess airbrush thinner would do in a pinch. 

My wife finally found my stash of vodka...
I pointed out the that it only uses the finest grains and purest water. 
I think she got a hangover looking at it. 


She said,  "Wow I thought that was a vodka bottle down there."  [whack]  :w:

I said,  "It is. Have you tried to find isopropyl alcohol lately?" 

Inside scoop - she was in the medical field, I thought I would appeal to her scientific background. 
I'm not sure it flew, but I was honestly being up front about the whole thing. 
I can quit whenever I want.  :boogie:

Steven B.
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