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 Posted: Mon Jun 29th, 2020 12:40 pm
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Tony M

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Si.  :wave:

Christmas is along way away, have to carry on with DC.

I wish I had the skills to do my own electronics,
just manage to get around the bus wiring and making my own signals,
don't know how to wire up three way signals, only two way.

Be using my two remote control throttles till I swap over, but still can operate DC,
because of the older locos I have can't take DCC decoders, it can be done.

Have never wired up my own throttle, got enough,
I be able to run three trains on the layout using a block system,
at least the control panel is wired up ready to go, can't wait to use it.

Keep an eye out Si on my bridge Thread, more update pics to be uploaded.
Looks like a bridge now, spent all afternoon Saturday screwing the arches in place,
next job is to drill the holes top and bottom for the arch hangers,
wow the bridge is nearly finished.

This week be getting the modules out,
and starting to nail down the track on the four station modules,
tomorrow be buying a sheet of 12 ply to make the other corner module.

Tony from cold down under.

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