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 Posted: Fri Jul 17th, 2020 02:53 am
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In a previous post, Michael suggested trying a white ink pen to make chalk marks,
since I had been unsuccessful using a colored pencil.

Shopping around online, I found a set of 0.4 mm white ink pens.
These did the trick!

They are very easy to use, and their ink lines look about right for my rolling stock.
Here are some of the results...

I found that just making vague scribbles worked fine,
and the marks really don't say anything intelligible.

This works in HOn30,
but the larger scales would probably need to make them legible.


Ready to run rolling stock for the Gilpin Tram, in HOn30?
Until recently, this had never been offered.

Sure, some kits had been offered in previous decades - a caboose, ore cars, flatcars, etc.
And, there are pre-designed offerings in HOn30, 3D printed and available through Shapeways. 

However, Toma Models has recently offered a Gilpin Tram caboose for #400, and in HOn30.
After reading the announcement, I knew I had to get one.  

Well, it arrived this week, and here are two photos of it...

The model comes with trucks and is painted.

I need to add my own couplers and decals,
and I think I'll weather it up a bit, too.

The model appears to be a 3D printed resin model,
as are the Gilpin Tram style trucks. 

Overall, a nice model,
and one I am happy to have on my layout.


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