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 Posted: Thu Jul 23rd, 2020 12:12 am
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Tony M

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At long last the construction of the layout is well under way.

Last Saturday I cut a 6 inch wide by one foot length, and cut the end of the first module,
new but old idea on joining up the modules.

It took a bit of filling so the ply on the other end of the module can slide in with ease.
I unscrewed the end panel, replaced it.
It had too many holes and cut the groves at 12mm high, next module be 13mm high.

The first two pics of how the two modules will join up together.
Thought of this idea years back, didn't want to do all the work and not turn out well.

The second module with the bus wires and block strips,
I screwed the ply in place so the wires can be stapled in place.
This time all the block strips be screwed in one full line, instead of apart.
Be much neater than the mad DC wire madness.
Has to, because I be switching to DCC at Christmas.

Second pic with both modules pulled apart.

Second last pic of the top of the module joined up and lined up side down.

Lucky last, me taking the pic of the two modules joined up,
ready to nail the next lot of track, solder in place and cut the rails.
Will do a video on how I do that.

Sadly no work week and weekend, rain coming in.

I would like to nail the track down, and solder the brass strip in place, in the garage,
my wide wont let me do that, will have to wait to Monday.

Might continue on modifying the modules and finish them,
then start nailing the track down.

Tony from cloudy down under.

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