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 Posted: Sat Jul 25th, 2020 11:49 am
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Tony M

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Hi Reg,

I actually have decided to move the whole layout,
to having the main bulk of the layout station complex at the side of the house.

There is a four foot wide concrete pathway to the clothes line on the side of the house,
and more perfection from the sun, with better access to the power point in the garage.
I also will have gravel to walk on and not grass.
Might be able to leave the layout for a couple of days,
so I can make the most of running trains.

It is raining here and cold, can't do much outside.

Wish my wife let me back the car out, then I can join the two modules,
and move on with track layout and soldering of the rails on the module join.
Yes power points in the garage, none in the shed.

Take care Tony

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