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 Posted: Tue Jul 28th, 2020 04:18 pm
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Reg H

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This is a great kit. 
One of the highest quality kits I have ever built. 
The few problems encountered were strictly my fault.

I would have preferred to build this structure in 1/4" scale. 
When I switched to HO in 2017 it was my intention to avoid craftsman kits and scratch building. 
Since then I have built the mill, the log dump, a small office building and this hotel.
When I saw the hotel advertised I couldn't resist. 

I was attracted to this building many years ago,
because of it's strong resemblance to the Cascadia Hotel in Skykomish, Washington. 
I spent a lot of time in Stevens Pass in the '70's and '80's,
and breakfast at the hotel diner was an essential part of every trip.  

I have two laser caboose kits and one caboose scratch-build project waiting in the wings.
There is plenty of work to do, but I think I will tackle the Great Northern wood caboose next. 
Currently I am using a poorly assembled (not by me) plastic caboose,
that is kind of like a GN steel caboose and it bothers me every time I look at it.

The scratch-build caboose will be for the logging operation. 
I will probably do it in styrene.

I use Alene's for limited applications. 
On my previous layout (On30) I built a trestle completely assembled with Alene's. 
I was attracted to the speed with which I could work due to the "tacky" feature. 

A minor plumbing leak in my basement completely destroyed the trestle.
Now I limit my use of Alene's to applications in which the tacky feature is a benefit,
and inadvertent moisture would not cause a major catastrophe. 

I use Titebond II or III in structural applications,
and Elmer's whenever it is important the glue dry clear. 
I used the Elmer's on most of the shingles for the hotel. 

On small details, like NBW's, I use ACC. 

For plastic to plastic I use MEK. 
It requires careful handling because it is pretty nasty.
I keep a very tiny amount in the model shop,
usually just enough to assemble one model. 

I use a tiny bottle on the bench and use a pipette,
to transfer the stuff from the quart can in which it comes. 
I will find a photo of that somewhere. 


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