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 Posted: Wed Aug 5th, 2020 08:44 am
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The vast majority of Gn15 topics on Freerails have always been posted in 'Large Scale'

This covers 1:24 scale Gn15 Gn30 G-scale and other similar 'Large Scale' narrow gauge

There were a few other Gn15 and 1:24 scale topics scattered around Freerails as well

Most found in odd places have been rounded up and are now in the 'Large Scale' Forum

This is in an effort to consolidate same subject topics together in one place where possible

Also recently a number of technical topics have been consolidated in the 'Technical' Forum

This has been done so that most track chassis couplers motors and drive topics are together

Many topics have been started in less than ideal locations on Freerails in the past

When topics like this are seen by Admin. if it makes good sense to move them we do

All active topics that are posted in on a daily basis can easily be seen on the 'Recent' tab

The use of the 'Recent' tab makes it very simple to find any updates to favorite topics

The former appearance of 'Gn15' in the 'Narrow Gauge' Sub-Heading only happened last year

This is why the majority of Gn15 in the past had always been posted in the 'Large Scale' Forum

It had never been stated in the 'Sub-Heading' as such but obviously the G-Scale was all there

There are a number of excellent Gn15 scale building topics in the 'Large Scale' Forum as well

It would be good for Freerails to attract more Gn15 modelers to post stuff in 'Large Scale'

For a long time non-Members did not see many Gn15 photos posted on Freerails at all

This was as the active Members posting in Gn15 topics had been posting photos as 'Attachments'

Members may not be aware that ONLY Freerails Members can see this type of photo post

This is another reason why I constantly try to encourage use of the FREE 'Members Gallery'

Photos posted from the 'Gallery' are seen by everyone which can mean more interest in joining

Most Freerails Members just use the 'Recent' tab to very simply locate ANY active topic

The 'Recent' tab pages contain all the relevant info. on ALL topics active in the last week

If you are not using the 'Recent' tab it is at the top of Freerails pages under the Banner loco

Also if you have forgotten or dont know where topics you have started are on Freerails

All you have to do is CLICK on your Members Name and you will be taken to info. about that

Likewise if you CLICK on any Members Name you will see info. on all topics they have posted


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