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 Posted: Tue Aug 11th, 2020 03:26 pm
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Reg H

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Some events in one's life.

I was working on the caboose last night,
and came up with the need to ream out some .015 holes. 
No problem, just a twist with the #78 bit in the pin vise.

Except I can't find the pin vise. 
I remember when I last used it.  It was before the shop make over. 
But I can't find it.  There isn't even a drawer for it.  Very strange. 

Not a big deal.  They are not expensive. 
Except for having to order it instead of a quick trip to the local hobby shop. 
None of those around here anymore. 

Also, this pin vise is not just any tool. 
It was my very first model building specific tool.
Up to acquiring that tool, all my tools were adapted from something else...
Used razor blades from my Dad, hand-me-down tweezers from my Mom,
used hack saw blades, and the like.

Gordy Miller and I used to walk to North End Hobby pretty frequently. 
It was an hour walk each way. 
I remember the day I bought the pin vise and walking home with it in my pocket. 
I was about 11 or 12.  Sixty years is a long time to have a tool.

It was involved in building a lot of models.  I suspect it will turn up. 
It has to be in the house somewhere. 


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