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 Posted: Tue Dec 8th, 2020 07:28 pm
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Ah yes, I am still here!  It's been a challenging year for everyone,
and it is my hope that everyone stays healthy through the coming holidays and the New Year.
My 90 plus year old father-in-law has been living with us every other week for the past 1 1/2 years,
so not a lot of time for modeling with his countless doctor's appointments and other issues.
Lots of catch up projects in the weeks he is not here and home repairs, updated bathroom,
finishing rooms, etc.  And splitting 5 cords of wood for the upcoming winter.

The time goes by.
But I have done some modeling and it looks as if I will have more time this winter,
with a lot of the bigger house projects out of the way.

I have spent time working on the lighting on my layout with some additional track lighting,
which is for the most part done but not very exciting to see.

I also have got trains to move on the track which is a first for me.
I am testing the train through turnouts one by one.
My understanding of electricity is not great but I am learning.

I really needed to post this photo first as it is long overdue.

Thanks to Ken's plans over a year ago,
I have made the switch stand he provided me with in post number 34.
I built it out of styrene and if the lighting was better it would be a bit sharper.
It's thrown the wrong way for the direction of the turnout but I can change that.
What could be more appropriate for size comparison than a Canadian dime!
Thanks Ken and hope you are reading this.

At some point there will be someone at the switch stand throwing the turnout.
I will be lighting the inside of the entrance and have the lights,
just haven't got around to it.

I have made mockups of the Stanley mine's changing house on the left,
and the blacksmith shop/storage building on the right.

Two more views to follow.

I've started to put together buildings in the medium sized town at the end of the layout.

This is an overhead view showing the buildings.

This is a scratchbuilt schoolhouse based on one that was in Shawnee, Colorado.
When I was there several years ago I measured the building and took photos.
There is now a kit available.

I have included the shutters that were on the prototype, which make it a little more interesting.
There will be a lighted full interior since this is close to the edge of the layout,
but I am waiting for some period schoolhouse desks from Shapeways.
Then I can finish the structure.

The outhouses are a kit from Wild West Models.
One will be for boys and the other for girls with the appropriate signage.
Of course the boys door will be open because, well you know how boys are.

Here are two of the miners houses on the main road.
They are from an old Classic Miniatures Red Light District kit,
but modified with room additions and new battens for the back side.
They are not complete with smokestacks and window shades and weathering needed.

The gas station in the back is from a Banta Modelworks kit.
It also will have a full lighted interior and is not yet complete.
It will be the newest building in town for the year 1918.
Full service gas finally comes to town!

This building is the Montezuma Post Office/General Store,
from the long gone "The Structure Company."

It has an interesting front porch which is not completed.
It will have lighted interior detail and will be the oldest building in town,
so will be heavily weathered.

And last is just a closeup of the grade crossing and the road uphill into town.

So, not a lot but something.

I am working on some HOn30 Gilpin Tram cars,
but am waiting for some N scale link and pin couplings from Shapeways.
These will be used on the mill in the beginning of this thread.

I am now going to concentrate on the big Iron City/Penn Mill and have been glazing windows.
I think I've found that is one of my least favorite things to do.

Until then.
Happy Modeling!


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