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 Posted: Thu Jan 21st, 2021 09:40 pm
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" What was his login name here? "


I believe some of Harolds very old original Posts, may have been lost,

due to the previous Administrations server-crash, before my time here.

Harold kinda 'saturation-bombed' a Forum with lots & lots of individual Threads.

They were mostly only 1 Post or so long & all essentially Links to his own Website.

Which did have some useful bits & bobs on it, like how to dismantle locos etc.

But here are 2 'compilations' of Harolds 1:55n3 Threads all 'merged' together.

Most of the photos in the 2nd Thread weren't uploaded to the Freerails 'Gallery'.

So of course they are all now lost, as Harolds photo hosting no longer exists.

Don't all eMail the Bachmann 'Complaints Department' at once !



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