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 Posted: Thu Jan 13th, 2022 07:23 am
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Almostretired wrote:
So, does anyone successfully access a tunnel from under the layout ? 
Or does everyone use lift-offs ?

Have both.  

A short 90° mainline tunnel in a corner of the layout, 
with a lift off village on top. 

I seldom have to lift it as its short enough, 
that I may reach stalled trains from one of the ends, 
and there was never any derailment.

And, I have a wide turning loop under the layout.  It is only used occasionally. 
In the beginning, I had once a derailment, 
and one of the brand new Empire Builder coaches dropped over the edge to the floor.  

So I would suggest some sort of fence, maybe only a few millimeters, 
so it does still allow access to the track.

What trains will you operate ?

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