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 Posted: Thu Jan 13th, 2022 10:32 pm
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Hi Mark

I have four tunnels on my layout, three of them are accessible
by going under the layout and reaching in to solve an issue.

It's been so long ago that I had a problem,
I don't remember when it was, years ago. 

The other tunnel is about six feet long and is straight track,
it's accessible at one end as far as my arm can reach.

The rest is reachable by stepping on a ladder and reaching over the scenery,
and accessing the problem by reaching into a void created by the scenery.

Good luck with your planning, it's an important part of creating the layout,
to what you think is the right design, as you build, it will change as you go.

For me that was an important part of the building.

Go as you have planned, and make the changes as the need arises,
sometimes the scene just doesn't look right, or it won't work....



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